DD-WRT: How to build a wireless bridge between two routers/ap

Home router/ap

SSID: cnet

Security: WPA-TKIP


DD-WRT router

SSID: V_AP (desired)

Security: WPA2 TCKIP+AES (desired)


– Connect DD-WRT router to an existing wireless router/ap

– Surf over DD-WRT router


1. Disable wan connection (optional)

2. Change local ip adress (different ip from home router/ip, but some subnet)

3. Set routing mode

4. Set wireless mode to bridge mode

5. Add a second virtual interface(to use dd-wrt for access point)

6. Set security

7. Join dd-wrt to your wireless router/ap

8. Test your connection 😉

Step 1 (Optional) : Setup -> Basic Setup -> Wan Connection Type: Disabled


Step2: Setup -> Basic Setup -> Router Ip: 192.168.1.x


Step3: Setup -> Advanced Routing-> Operating Mode: RIP2 Router


Step4: Wireless -> Basic Settings-> Physical Interface ath0 ->Wireless Mode: Client Bridged (Routed)


Step5: Wireless -> Basic Settings-> Virtual Interfaces -> Add ->Wireless Mode: AP


Step6: Wireless -> Wireless Security->

For ath0 (ssid: cnet): Choose your home routers security mode and type your password

For ath0.1 (ssid: v_ap): Choose your favourite security mode and type any password for dd-wrt-router


Step7: Status -> Wireless -> Site Survey

Click to site survey, join your wireless router/ap (mine is cnet)


Then you can see your ap/client connections here:


Step8: Connect with your notebook/pc to dd-wrt router with your password and test the connection to internet 😉


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